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How Do The Poets In The Selection Of Pre 1914 Poems You Have Read, :: English Literature

How Do The Poets In The Selection Of Pre 1914 Poems You Have Read,Present Different Attitudes To Death? Which Do You Find someConvincing? What Influences Their Views?Different people have different attitudes to death. Some be afraid,some dont care. A difference of opinion is definitely shown in theselection of poems I have read. Song and Remember by ChristinaRossetti suggest that she is not too bothered about death. It seemsthat Christina Rossetti sees death as the end, whereas WilliamWordsworth who wrote We are Seven has the attitude that heat carrieson and is remembered after death. Although We are Seven takes on achildish, almost stubborn view, the point it makes is, death cannotseparate people. Two of us in the church-yard lie, my sis and mybrother, and in the church-yard cottage I dwell near them with mymother.Personally, I think Christina Rossettis poems are most convincing asshe has expressed her opinions in a earthy way. This is closelyfollowed by Ozymandias by Percy By sshee Shelley, because using ametaphor has generalised what most people think about death. I thinkWilliam Wordsworths poem We are Seven is less convincing as it isvery childish The little maid would have her will to me, this givesthe picture of a spoilt child refusing to tooshie down until she gets herown way This may have been done on purpose, but it is not convincingto the adult reader because by the time you show up your adult yearsyou are more mature and your views have been moulded by society to acertain extent.After reading the poems, I cannot see a specific pattern in which theyall follow, although there is more than one category that the poemsfall into. For example Remember by Christina Rossetti andOzymadias by Percy Byshee Shelley are sonnets (a tralatitious form oflove poetry) and At Home and Song by Christina Rossetti and Weare seven by William Wordsworth seem to be telling a story, or biginstructions. When I am dead, my dearest, sing no sad songs for meWe are seven is broken up into many stanzas, each stanza developingand moving on from the introductory one. It also has a definite end, whichall stories have. Christina Rossetti and Percy Byshee Shelley used thesonnet form to write a poem about death, as the poems were for a loveras opposed to about a lover. This still links the traditional subjectof love sonnets and these two unique sonnets about death.In We are seven by William Wordsworth the little girl doesnt want

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